DT-40 mobile barcode scanner

DT-40 Cordless Mobile Scanner

DT-40 Mobile Barcode Scanner

The DT-40 has been designed for mobile data collection. It offers a light, sleek layout with the keyboard / buttons and a 10 cm screen designed for simple, optimised use by users. The 20-key keypad has been designed to offer great response even when wet or when wearing gloves.
The DT-40 is also powerful. It offers an 8-core AS53 processor coupled with a powerful barcode scanning engine that will read both 1D and 2D barcodes. It offers a long-life rechargeable 4500 mAh battery for maximum roaming time.
The DT-40 also has superior communication skills offering 802.11r fast roaming technology with seamless transfer between access points.
This is the best value portable barcode scanner for mobile use.

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Features & Benefits

Designed For Lasting Performance
Long-lasting power performance for continuous productivity.

Long Time Between Recharges
Runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery - for continuous hours between charges.

Multiple Configurations to Suit Your Needs
User configurable buttons are standard. An optional pistol grip and charging cradle are also available.

Compact Form Factor
Lightweight, ergonomic form factor.

Intuitive User Interface
User-friendly interface and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen.

Rugged Design
IP67 - Can be dropped from shoulder height to concrete.


DT-40 Portable Barcode Scanner Brochure

DT-40 Specifications

OS Android 9.0
CPU 1.4 Ghz
Memory RAM: 2GB, ROM: 16GB
RAM: 4GB, ROM: 64GB (optional)
Display 4" (10cm) TFT-LCD
480x800 pixels
Touch Panel Corning Gorilla Glass - Multi Touch
Ultra sensitive capacitive touch panel, works with gloves and wet fingers
Dimensions 164.5mm x 68.5mm x 17.5mm / 6.48 in x 2.7 in x 0.69 in
Imager Window Corning Gorilla Glass
Backlight LED Backlight
Power Rechargeable 3.8V 4500 mAh lithium polymer battery pack
Charging time less than 4 hours
Expansion Supports Micro-SD - up to 128 GB expansion
SIM 2 x Nano-SIM slots - Supports dual card, dual standby
Notification Speaker, Multi-color LED, Vibration
Keyboard Screen keyboard and physical keyboard
Buttons Scan button, 0 - 9 Number button, Android Standard button, Backspace, TAB, ".", Switch, Function, Customized F1-F4, Power, Volume, PTT, Side Scan.
Audio Dual-Microphone (noise reduction), Motor, Speaker (1.5W) sound pressure 105db, Headphones, PTT headset support, Cellular switched-voice
Operating Temperature -20˚ C to 60˚ C
Storage Temperature -40˚ C to 70˚ C
Humidity 5%RH - 95%RH (Non condensing)
Drop Specification Multiple 5ft / 1.5m drops to concrete
Tumble Specification 200 3.2ft/1.0m tumbles - Frequency 10 times/minute
Thermal Shock -40˚ C to 70˚ C rapid transition of 5 cycles
Sealing IP67
Vibration 2Hz Random PK Sine, 10cm displacement withstands multi-side 5000 vibration tests
ESD ±15KV air discharge, ±8KV direct discharge
Scanning 1D / 2D imager, supports screen code scanning
Camera Rear: 1300W auto-focus camera with automatic flash, supports flashlight mode, supports 4K HD video
Front: 200W fixed-focus camera
NFC Reader mode - ISO14443A/B/F, ISO15693 Mifare/Felica cards, P2P mode, Card emulation mode, Apple ECP
GPS GPS(A-GPS), Beidou, GLONADSD, Gallileo
Radio IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/d/e/h/i/k/r/v/w - IPv4, IPv6
Data Rates 5GHz:802.11a/n/ac - up to 433Mbps
2.4Ghz:802.11b/g/n - up to 150Mbps
Security and Encryption WEP, WAP/WPA-2PSK WAPI Certification, WAPI-PAK
Fast Roaming PMKID caching, 802.11r, OKC
Bluetooth BT4.2+BR/EDR+BLE
Proximity During a call, when the users' head is close to the receiver, turn off the screen to prevent accidental touch.
Light Automatically adjust brightness
Acceleration Three axis accelerator, support pedometer, screen rotation
Domestic CCC Certification, Radio Equipment Type Approval Certification, Telecomm Network License