Each year we provide millions of barcode labels to Australian businesses. Whether you require printed or blank labels, we can assist you. In the case of printed, we are happy to put your company name or logo on the labels.

There are several components to consider when barcode labelling your items. The application of and surface the labels are being adhered to, usually determine exactly what type of label would be the best fit. The table below will guide you to choose the best options for your needs.

Label Guide

Label Material Price Pre-Printed Labels * Durability / Life** Adhesion Appearance Application
PaperStarts at $135 / 1,000 labels Low - Medium
1-2 years
Low Matte White, Thin Carton, shipping or other short term paper surface labelling.
PolypropeleneStarts at $165 / 1,000 labels Medium
2-3 years
Medium Slightly Glossy White, Standard Thick Does not rip. For use indoors on plastic, glass or wood.
MylarStarts at $290 / 1,000 labels Heavy Duty
3-5 years
Strong Glossy Silver or Matte White, Medium Thick Heavy-duty for indoor/ outdoor use on metal, shelving, machinery, tools, heat emanating & electrical devices.
Tamperproof/VOIDStarts at $2,950 / 1,000 labels Heavy Duty
3-5 years
Very Strong Glossy Pearlescent, Medium Thick Security-required settings such as schools and galleries or warranty equipment.
Aluminium Starts at $2.95 per label Super Heavy Duty
5-10 years
Strongest Rigid Metallic, Thick Demanding surfaces/ environments such as metal shelving, road signage, mining equipment, high heat emanating & electrical devices.

* Pricing per 1000 decreases as label quantity increases. Incremental rates apply, as with all printing.

** If labels (except for aluminium) are exposed to handling on a regular basis, we advise the use of lamination to protect the ink that sits on the top of the label from being rubbed off. We can either laminate the pre-printed labels for you or you can do yourself and reduce the cost of the overall job.

Minimum print is 500 labels for any kind of stock and size.

You can reorder more as needed. For the longest shelf-life of any barcode label, it is advised that they be placed on a clean and dry surface. This will optimise their performance in the environment of exposure. The shelf life listed is based on ideal storage conditions - Temperature below 25C, not humid and no direct sunlight.

Label Wizard

Simply fill out the Wizard below and we will provide you with a quotation tailored to your needs.

Step 1 - Select the Best Size & Type for your Label

The first rule of label size is to make the barcode as large as possible so that it can be scanned. It is our experience that people want the smallest label / barcode possible. The problem is that many low end barcode scanners will be unable to read your barcode. Our most common labels sizes are below. If your size isn't there, simply fill in the Custom Label field.:

Asset Barcode Label - 50x25mm

Asset Labels Polypropylene (50mm x 25mm)
Asset Labels Mylar (50mm x 25mm)
Asset Labels Aluminium (50mm x 25mm)
Retail Barcode Labels Large (40mm x 30mm)
TUN (Outside of Package) Labels (148mm x 48mm)
QR Code (Labels and Images) Advertise Your Products
Small Label (36mm x 16mm)
Medium Label (38mm x 20mm)
Medium Label (43mm x 17mm)
Large Label (40mm x 30mm)
Extra Large Label (100mm x 50mm)
Custom Label (Size - 1 Color)

Step 2 - Select the Best Material for your Label Size & Type

It is important to select the correct material for your label. Please refer to the Label Guide table above and choose from the following:


Step 3 - Pricing - Would you like us to send you a Quotation?

Due to the different label materials and sizes available, Australian Barcodes will quote for your individual label requirements. Simply fill in the form below and one of our consultants will contact you:

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