Australian Barcodes - Our History

We started as an Australian owned and operated barcode label and barcode image company. Our customers regularly expressed that they would also like to buy retail barcodes for their products from us. They wanted a better deal and no annual fees. As a result, Australian Barcodes was born to help Australian businesses of all sizes get a fair shake on barcode numbers, barcode images and barcode labels. We have provided tens of thousands of barcodes to Australian companies over the last two decades, helping their products become retail-ready in the process.

At the beginning of 2023, we merged with our sister company Mr Scanman - an expert barcode system provider, who has been in business for 20 years alongside Australian Barcodes. After so many years of successful partnership, product and service cross-over, it only made sense to join forces and continue providing specialised barcode solutions to Australian companies. We can now assist you with barcode packages that are designed specifically to meet your item management and barcode labelling requirements. They include a combination of software, scanners, labels or printers to form a complete solution.

We ARE NOT an overseas company pretending to be Australian. We are Sydney-based and we welcome you to call or email us for a FREE consultation or assistance with any of our products and services.

Why Buy EAN13 Barcodes From Australian Barcodes?

Australian Barcodes is Australian Owned and Operated. We have been providing barcode numbers and images to Australian companies for 20 years.

We are proud of what we do.

Here is a comparison of Australian Barcodes with other barcode providers and GS1. Below this table you will find further information about why you should choose Australian Barcodes as your barcode provider.

Capability Australian
Barcode Providers
Australian Owned AND Operated Yes Most
Are Overseas
Strong Support of Australian Charities Yes No No
Understanding of Australian Market Yes No Yes
Providing Barcodes for Over 15 Years Yes No Yes
Industry Standard (EAN-13) Barcodes Yes ? Yes
Barcode Are Legal Yes ? Yes
Barcodes Legal for Worldwide Use Yes ? Yes
Barcode Guaranteed to Be Unique Yes ? Yes
Expert Advice from Trained Staff Yes ? Yes
Packaging Design Services Yes No No
No Membership or Joining Fees Yes Yes No
No Lengthy Membership Forms Yes Yes No
Low Price AND Volume Discounts Yes Yes No
Lifetime Ownership of Barcode Numbers Yes Yes No
Manual Processing of Barcodes to
Ensure Highest Standard of Quality
Yes ? No
Customization of Barcode Images Yes ? No
Free Barcode Images Yes ? No
Fast Service Yes ? No
Friendly Staff Yes ? ?
Honest, Clear Answers to Your Questions Yes ? ?

AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND OPERATED – Australian Barcodes is proudly Australian. We are 100% owned and operated in Australia. Other barcode providers claim to be Australian and they may even have Australia in their company name. But when you look more closely, they are operating these companies from overseas.

STRONG SUPPORT OF AUSTRALIAN CHARITIES – We donate our profits to a wide variety of Australian charities. We have a preference for charities that help children. We believe that you have to give back generously.

UNDERSTANDING OF AUSTRALIAN MARKET –We understand the Australian market. We have run barcoding companies for twenty years. We understand the standards and requirements of organizations in Australia. If you require guidance, we are happy to listen to your requirements and provide our expert advice.

PROVIDING BARCODES FOR OVER 20 YEARS – We have been in the barcoding industry for 20 years. We have been running Australian Barcodes for 20 years. When you do nothing else but provide barcoding solutions to Australian organizations over many years, you become an expert at it.

INDUSTRY STANDARD BARCODES – The barcodes we provide to our customers conform to international standards. We provide these barcodes in many different formats depending on your needs. We primarily provide Australian Retail barcodes in the EAN-13 format.

BARCODES ARE LEGAL – The barcodes we provide are completely legal. We offer our customers a Certificate of Issuance for any barcode sold.

BARCODES LEGAL FOR WORLDWIDE USE – The barcodes we provide to our customers can be used worldwide. They are guaranteed to be legal and unique worldwide.

BARCODES GUARANTEED TO BE UNIQUE – We take great care in guaranteeing that our barcode numbers are unique. We have stringent quality control processes and we check for the illegal use of our barcode numbers.

EXPERT ADVICE FROM TRAINED STAFF – Australian Barcodes has a long history of providing barcodes and barcode images. Our staff are trained to provide you with the highest quality and most current advice on your barcodes. Our telephone staff are backed up by a strong technical team for those challenging barcode issues.

PACKAGING DESIGN SERVICES – Our creative team designs your barcode images. That same team can also assist you with the design of your product packaging. We have a portfolio of designs that feature our professional design services.

NO MEMBERSHIP OR JOINING FEES – We only charge you for the barcodes you purchase. We charge you once and then you own the barcode for life. There will NEVER be a membership or joining fee. Our customers choose to return to us because we offer a high quality service NOT because we lock them in.

NO LENGTHY MEMBERSHIP FORMS – We do not need to know more about your business than you are willing to tell us. We don't need a membership form from you and you don't need the extra work of filling one out. All we need is enough information to fill out an invoice (business name, address and e-mail).

LOW PRICE AND VOLUME DISCOUNTS – We strive to have the lowest price for our Australian customers. Our price for a single barcode is $50 and this can drop to $5 each depending on how many barcodes you purchase.

LIFETIME OWNERSHIP OF BARCODE NUMBERS – Any product sold to you by Australian Barcodes is owned by you for life. There will never be any annual or renewal fees. We charge you once.

MANUAL PROCESSING OF BARCODES TO ENSURE HIGHEST STANDARD OF QUALITY – We handle each order manually. This is because every customer is different. We can create your barcode in different sizes and resolutions. We can provide you with barcode labels in a wide variety of sizes and materials.

CUSTOMIZATION OF BARCODE IMAGES – We are happy to customize your barcode image to your requirements. We will let you know when that customization violates the existing international barcode standards.

FREE BARCODE IMAGES – As part of our service, we provide you with high quality barcode images in EPS and TIFF formats at no extra cost. We are happy to work with you and your graphic designer to ensure that you receive the highest quality barcode image for your packaging.

FAST SERVICE – We process your barcode order as fast as we can. Although we say that you will receive your order within 24 hours, we normally have your order available within a couple of hours. We know that many of our customers are in a hurry. Simply e-mail us or phone us if your requirement is urgent and we will do our best to expedite your order at no additional cost to you.

FRIENDLY STAFF - We have many customers who know nothing about barcodes. We are friendly and patient and will do our best to give you the information and products that you require. Please give us feedback if you have a good or a bad experience.

HONEST, CLEAR ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS – We will provide you with the most honest and clear information that we can. If we cannot assist you, we will do our best to guide you to the organization that can. The success of our business is based on long term, happy customers.